The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a series of workshops throughout the day.

Come listen to these local experts from the Brentwood Chamber as they give you practical tips and advice in a focused '10 minutes tips' format.   Topics range from marketing to apprenticeships to legal considerations for your business.
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Growing a Healthy Business

Baljeet Kaur and Beth de Cruz, Tees

Learn about the importance of communicating clearly and effectively with customers and staff and how to document this, find out whether the foundations of your business are secure and discover if you are protecting your most valuable assets/goodwill.

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Non-Verbal Communication

Colin Barber, The Management Mechanic

Often referred to as ‘body language’, but in fact far more complex, the majority of non-verbal communication takes place at an unconscious level. Bringing it to your conscious awareness can have a major impact on your effectiveness as a communicator.

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Bounceback Marketing: Building a Smarter Marketing Plan

Richard Willis, Attract & Engage

History shows that businesses who are able to invest in marketing during a challenging economic period, come out stronger than the competition. Richard will walk you through the steps you can take to prepare marketing activity for the bounce back and maintain visibility for long term profitability and continued growth.

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An Employer’s Guide to Apprenticeships

Steve Lee, New City Colleges-Havering

Apprenticeships are essentially a job with training. New City College will guide you through the recruitment process and highlight the benefits of apprenticeships to the employer and the employee.

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Get More Business from LinkedIn

Emma Goode, 24 fingers

Looking to get more business from LinkedIn and connect with potential clients and partners? Discover how to make the most of your presence on the highly effective social networking platform.